Royal Salt Cave & Spa is proud to be an advocate for a proactive and holistic approach to healing and joins those who embark upon the journey to utilize natural therapies that have been practiced since ancient times.

Royal Salt Cave & Spa offers services to help you shift from imbalance, to balance.

Through the natural healing process of salt therapy, we aim to provide people of all ages with the opportunity to experience quality and holistic health benefits which are entirely natural, non-invasive and drug-free.

Our salt cave will leave you feeling refreshed, replenished and in balance.


Our goal is to provide a world-class experience, for both our guests and employees; a place where health, comfort, knowledge, and personalized attention, combine to create a totally memorable and rejuvenating experience. Our goal entails building enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients and community, through knowledge, wellness and superior service.

Our Mission at Royal Salt Cave & Spa is to create a peaceful atmosphere by focusing on health and wellness through the use of environmentally friendly services and natural products. We believe in the interconnectedness of body, spirit, and earth. We strive to help nurture that connection. Royal Salt Cave & Spa is for those of us who wish for peace in the world and opt to start within.

Education is a key aspect for our entire spa. The majority of our employees have higher education degrees. All our massage therapists are fully licensed, and we even have a few who have their master’s degree in physical therapy. We also require our spa associates to complete a halotherapy certification course.  All of these aspects allow our staff to be fully knowledgeable of all our services enabling us to provide poignant information to our clients to meet their needs. Our website also provides detailed information on all our services, including research and history. The more educated our clients are the easier they can maintain and improve their health!

The environment plays a large role in our clients’ experience. One comment we hear often is that our clients feel relaxed from “the moment they walk in.” This is greatly due to our elegant décor, calming colors, lighting, staff, and general cleanliness. We also have meditative music throughout the spa enhancing the quiet, serene atmosphere. Our staff escorts each client to their service, explaining what they can expect during their session. During a massage session or facial, our clients are continually asked if they are comfortable and if the pressure is to their satisfaction. We also have cameras in our public areas ensuring the safety of our guests and employees.

Two success stories come to mind; our very own manager and one other client. Our manager began working with us 8 months after our doors opened. She suffered from allergies and asthma and was looking for something other than “medicine.” She began coming regularly after I opened as she was experiencing relief from her symptoms. At one point she joked that she should work here since she was there so often, so I offered her a job. Since working at Royal Salt Cave, she is off all of her allergy medicine and no longer has an asthma steroid inhaler. She only has a “rescue inhaler” in case of emergency, but she says she hasn’t had to use it in years.

Our second success story is very similar. We have a long-time client who was on the maximum dosage for her asthma inhaler and her doctor wanted to put her on a second, additional inhaler. Our client began to research alternative respiratory therapies and found us. She came to us regularly for a month after which she had to check in with her doctor. At that point, her doctor gave her the “breathing test” and he asked her what she had been doing for the previous month as her numbers had never been better. She was never put on the second steroid inhaler and was able to decrease her daily inhaler dosage.

We cannot guarantee these results, but we are very proud to be part of their health journey.


Monday:         9:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Tuesday:         9:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Wednesday:  11:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Thursday:      9:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday:            9:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Saturday:       9 :30 AM – 5:00 PM

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